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Phasmophobia Steam Key

More and more otherworldly spectres are choosing to haunt our world and it’s your job to document their every move! Kinetic Games presents Phasmophobia, a spine-chilling experience where players have to step into the shoes of paranormal investigators and visit abandoned places, such as homes, hospitals, schools and even prisons, in hopes of researching various spirits inhabiting them. Choose an investigator, gather a crew of 3 other players and use ghost hunting equipment to record ghostly voices, terrifying apparitions and sell that data to ghost removal teams. With over 12 types of ghost to discover, the most important thing is to choose a role you want the most - do you want to watch everything from the sidelines while the rest of the team is out exploring or do you want to plunge right into the paranormal action? Buy Phasmophobia Steam key and enjoy an intense and twisted psychological experience, available for VR as well!

What are Phasmophobia features?

Whether you’re monitoring the mission location from a safe room or delving into the dark and twisting passages of the abandoned building, Phasmophobia will do everything it can to jostle that little part of your brain responsible for your fight-or-flight response!

  • • Chilling co-op experience. Venturing out alone is too dangerous - grab 3 friends and investigate various hauntings together and remember that cooperation is crucial to the success of your mission;
  • • Immersive VR. While the game can be played on PC, you can take it to a whole new level by playing it on your VR machine;
  • • Cross-platform play. It doesn’t matter who’s playing on a computer or via VR - everyone can join in on all the fun no matter the platform;
  • • Paranormal investigation. Don’t worry, documenting all the paranormal phenomena isn’t going to be too hard, since you’ll have some of the best-known tools of the trade - Night Vision Cameras, Thermometers, EMF Readers and even Spirit Boxes;
  • • Speak carefully. Communication is key, so you’ll have to talk to other players once you’re inside the buildings but be careful - speak too loud and you’ll become the ghoul’s prey;
  • • Cheap Phasmophobia price.

Hunt or be hunted

With Phasmophobia key, you’re bound for an experience that will not only leave you terrified of anything that goes bump in the night but craving for even more of it! The premise is quite simple - you and your paranormal investigation team get contracts to gather evidence about ghosts that haunt various locations throughout the game. Just don’t be fooled, it isn’t as easy as it looks. No matter what role you play, you have to actively monitor all spirit activity by using appropriate tools and even venture out into abandoned halls alone, and the only way to contact your friends is through the radio. Although voice communication is crucial to the game, you can’t be too loud. You, the players, aren’t the only ones doing some tracking work - if you’re too loud, the ghost will pinpoint your location, hunt you down and even kill you! Buy Phasmophobia Steam key and dive into thrilling gameplay along with your friends!

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